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on women in Ukraine

Tuesday 15 March 2022, by siawi3



Team Shuddhashar

15 mars 22

March 8 was International Women’s Day. In some countries (Australia, Canada, UK, US), March is dedicated as Women’s History Month, which began as an effort to highlight the countless contributions that women have made to history, science, the arts, politics, and allsectors of society. In school curriculums and history books, women’s accomplishments have largely been unacknowledged or sometimes given only brief mention. Women’s History Month seeks to change that.

As part of this effort to recognize the accomplishments of women, The Gender Museum in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was founded in 2008 and began hosting events during Women’s History Month. One of their exhibitions was WOMEN IN DEFENCE OF PEACE AND SECURITY, and there they state:

It is important to understand that military conflicts have a significant impact on the lives of women and men. At the same time, quite a number of women are not passive observers. They perform active functions - serve in the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, volunteer battalions. Women make up the majority of volunteer groups and organizations, providing assistance to both the military and civilians who remain in the temporarily occupied territories, as well as internally displaced persons.

We do not know what has happened to The Gender Museum, but under this Putin war-of-choice, we imagine the worst. We cannot and do not forget the active contributions of Ukrainian women – we see evidence of this every day on the news. Yet at the same time, we know that women’s contributions are under-represented. Ukrainian women – and Ukrainian men, children, elderly, differently-abled – are demonstrating tremendous courage as they struggle against Russian President Putin’s relentless assault on Ukraine’s independence as a sovereign, democratic nation.

We stand in awe of their courage. May they be an inspiration to all of us to stand up for what is right and just: for truth, integrity, self-awareness, and honesty, and for our human rights to freely think, criticize, analyze, live, and speak.

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