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Ukraine’s enemies in the European left declare themselves

Friday 8 April 2022, by siawi3


Ukraine’s enemies in the European left declare themselves

Sunday 3 April 2022,

by Mark Johnson

Some left parties are gathering in Rome today demanding “peace” in Ukraine, effectively on Russian terms. No solidarity with Ukraine is proposed.
Details are still emerging. But this shameful alliance may succeed in rallying larger sections of the “campist” left - which in practice supports any dictator in opposition to the west.

At the invitation of the Italian groups Rifondazione, Potere Al Popolo, MainfestA and Dema, this new mostly west European alliance is calling to block arms deliveries to the Ukrainian resistance, stop all sanctions against Russia, and for a peace agreement that makes no demands on Russia.

The general aim is to “raise the voices of those who call for a Europe not submitted to the military objectives of NATO.” The organisers call for the dissolution of NATO (but not the Russian dominated Collective Security Treaty Organisation).

The participants do not call for any aid of any kind to Ukraine, and make no demands of any kind on Russia.

Today’s conference platform includes a Russian, but no Ukrainian.

The proposed alliance is worse than the Transform Europe manifesto of 22 February. That document at least called for an immediate ceasefire, and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Neither of these demands is included in this new initiative.

The proposed alliance does not call for abolition of Ukraine’s unsustainable and illegitimate debt to Russian and Western creditors. That demand has been raised by a wide range of progressive initiatives, including some of those who share the proposed alliance’s alignment with other Russian objectives and priorities.

In addition to the Italian parties mentioned above, the leaders of this shameful alliance include

Ione Belarra, General Secretary of Podemos (ES), Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.

Manu Pineda, MEP for PCE – Unidas Podemos (ES)

Michele Daniele, PTB (Belgium)

Gael De Santis, PCF (France)

Christian Rodriguez, La France Insoumise (France)

Ertugrul Kürkcü, Honorary President HDP (Turkey)

Katerina Anastasiou, Austrian Communist Party (KPO) /Transform Europe (Austria)

Claudia Haydt, Die Linke (Germany)

Alexander Batov, RotFront (Russia)