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Israel-Palestine: Meet activist and journalist Sari Bashi

Webinar Today Wednesday 13 April : NOW !

Wednesday 13 April 2022, by siawi3


Green Olive Collective

Reminder: our next webinar is coming up right now


How can an Israeli woman live in the middle of the Palestinian city of Ramallah?

Not a settler, she is married to a Palestinian man and for the last few years has written about her unique experiences on her popular blog, which was also published by Haaretz newspaper. She tells beautiful stories of working, raising children and daily life as a Jew in Occupied Palestine under the pseudonym Umm Forat.

She has recently revealed her identity and will be speaking to our Green Olive Community tomorrow! If you already registered, thank you. If you are yet to do so, you are invited to join us.

She is Sari Bashi - a renowned human rights lawyer, activist and a Echoing Green Fellow (alongside our own Fred Schlomka!). She co-founded Gisha, the leading Israeli human rights group promoting the right to freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza, and is an advisor to Human Rights Watch.

For the unique opportunity to hear about Sari’s experiences, REGISTER register for free now here!

Today Wednesday 13 April

21.00/9pm Jerusalem
20.00/8pm Berlin
19.00/7pm London
14.00/2pm New York
11.00/11am Los Angeles