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Psychoanalysis and Liberation: Four Arguments

Online event Thursday 26 May 7 p.m

Sunday 8 May 2022, by siawi3


Thursday 26 May 7 p.m. BST (London time)

Psychoanalysis and Liberation: Four Arguments

This online event is to explore the contribution of psychoanalysis to liberation, including discussion of Neil Faulkner’s last published book Mind Fuck: The Mass Psychology of “Creeping” Fascism (Resistance Books).

The event will be introduced and chaired by Ian Parker, author of Radical Psychoanalysis and Anti-Capitalist Action (Resistance Books).

Guest contributors critically reflecting on arguments in Neil Faulkner’s book and talking about their own work linking psychoanalysis with liberation will be Lara Sheehi, co-author of Psychoanalysis Under Occupation: Practicing Psychoanalysis in Palestine (Routledge), and Alicia Valdés, author of Toward a Feminist Lacanian Left: Psychoanalytic Theory and Intersectional Politics (Routledge).

We will have good time for disagreement and discussion.

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