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Mauritania : GUELONGAL is arrested, tried and imprisoned. Why was he imprisoned?

Wednesday 10 August 2022, by siawi3

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9 Aug 2022, 22:43

Why was he imprisoned?


For the fourth time, DJIBY BA known as GUELONGAL is arrested, tried and imprisoned.

For those who know him, GUELONGAL never misses an opportunity to denounce injustice or to reframe certain people who say untruths.
This time, he spoke abroad in an audio to answer Mohamed Mahfouth who attacked the Fulani community by changing history.

Returned to the country to organize a conference in Kaedi and Bababe.

On his return to NOUAKCHOTT, where he arrived home at around 3pm, he received a visit at 6pm from people dressed in civilian clothes who claimed to be police officers. They asked him to follow him to the police station of RIYAD (PK 11). Surprised by the place of his convocation, he explained that in SEBKHA where he lives, there are four police stations and the people in question have neither arrest warrant nor complaint and none of the policemen are dressed.
They will pass him the commissioner on the phone who introduces himself and asks him to come and answer some questions.

He follows them.

When he arrived at the police station, the commissioner asked him about his refusal to follow the police, about his audio and about things that had happened since a long time ago (his trips abroad, his finances, etc.).
He asks him to wait for him and will not return that day.

The next day, as a show of solidarity, many people came to the police station to demand his release.
For security reasons or because of panic, he was transferred and his family did not know where he was for 72 hours.
Having never called for violence, better yet, he demobilized the demonstrators: GUELONGAL does not understand why he is imprisoned?
If he was a war monger, things would have turned out badly.

Two years in prison for an intellectual, a scholar whose only fault was to restore the truth, Djiby does not deserve this sentence.
For all those who are worried about his conditions of detention, GUELONGAL, reassures them and congratulates the penitentiaries who treat them really well.