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Palestine Action Occupy And Destroy Israeli Weapons Transport Company

Wednesday 24 August 2022, by siawi3


Palestine Action Occupy And Destroy Israeli Weapons Transport Company

By Palestine Action.

August 9, 2022

Ending Israel’s Impunity.

“Speak to any Gazan on the ground – they are shouting at the world, saying: ‘We don’t want your sympathy – we want action.’ And that’s exactly what we’re doing, targeting those complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people and unravelling Israel’s military chokehold on the region. Now more than ever we need immediate action for Gaza.”

Gaza has spent three days and nights mourning the dead. Circling the skies, raining fire down below, are the drones and fighter jets of Elbit Systems – Israel’s largest arms company. Knowing that petitions, rallies and appeals to power will do nothing here in Britain, we’ve responded with direct action. We are currently occupying Elbit client “The Good Packing Company”, who package, transport and export Israeli weapons battle tested on the Palestinian people. The four activists’ rooftop occupation is ongoing, with extensive damage enacted and the activists set on staying as long as possible.

Activists have dismantled site CCTV, struck out at windows with sledgehammers, and coated the site in paint. At the Elbit transport hub, site operations are halted and the flag is being flown. The company’s website makes reference to specializing in “Ministry of Defense type packaging” and has been confirmed to provide shipping and military-grade packaging to Elbit. Included in this are the Hermes 450/900 drones, frequently used in Gaza, and produced (in part) in the same town.

Elbit combat drones account for a considerable 85% of Israel’s drone fleet. The Hermes 450 was pioneered by Elbit and has been used in attacks and surveillance in Gaza for years now. Their use ravages Gaza city, leaving Gazans with deep-seated trauma and anxieties from Israeli state-terror. Though Palestine Action target Elbit directly, the group also targets any firm in the killer supply chain.

A Palestine Action spokesperson said: “No impunity for Israel, nor for anyone involved in the massacres we have all witnessed. If you work with Elbit, we’re working against you too. When we know our own government won’t do it, the onus is on us to enforce a people-backed arms embargo on the Israeli occupation, using direct action. It’s crucial to remember that in Gaza, the economic blockade has stood for fifteen years – each year marked by deprivation and colonial warfare. Israel’s violence is everyday life for the average Gazan, and so the time is always right to take direct action in Gaza’s name, and cut military production in accomplice-Britain. We will unravel Britain’s Israeli arms industry.”