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The Situation of the Hazaras in Afghanistan

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Tuesday 13 September 2022, by siawi3


The Situation of the Hazaras in Afghanistan

The Hazara Inquiry, August 2022

3 September 22

The Inquiry is a joint effort of cross-party Parliamentarians from both Houses of the British Parliament and experts (the Inquiry Team) working together to reveal atrocities and promote justice for the Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This report finds that Hazara in Afghanistan, as a religious and ethnic minority, are at serious risk of genocide at the hands of the Taliban and Islamic State–Khorasan Province (IS-K). This finding engages the responsibility of all states to protect the Hazara and prevent a possible genocide, under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention) and customary international law. When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, it significantly affected the situation faced by the Hazara and reversed the 20-year progress made in addressing the marginalisation and discrimination experienced by this minority group. [ . . . ]

READ the full report here 83 pages