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Women in Black against war - Madrid: Supporting Russian anti-war feminists

Monday 26 September 2022, by siawi3

Source: WIB-Madrid, email 2 hours ago

Supporting Russian anti-war feminists

Women in Black against war - Madrid
invite you for a protest in black and silence



Women in Black of Madrid stand in solidarity with them and we disseminate their proposals, which are:

To find strategies to unite the people directly affected by the consequences of the war, those who have lost their loved ones, those who attempt to recover their loved ones from the front, those who want to declare themselves conscientious objectors.

To promote conscientious objection: to work with the defenders of human rights to disseminate information about how to avoid military service, how to not go to a military training camp, how to enter an alternative civil service.

Help and support for the anti-war movement in Russia, the anti-war activists who have been detained and intimidated. The assistance should also be centered inside Russia — on the Ukrainian men and women displaced from the occupied territories – and outside Russia on the Ukrainian refugees.

Break the information blockage in Russia and continue the campaign against the war.

Let us expel war and violence out of history and from our lives.

(The Statement is in Spanish and English)