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It Is Time To End This Horrific Medical Scandal - Our institutions are using pseudoscience to justify surgery on healthy children.

Sunday 23 October 2022, by siawi3


It Is Time To End This Horrific Medical Scandal

Our institutions are using pseudoscience to justify surgery on healthy children.

Colin Wright

Oct 22

Yesterday, on October 21, 2022, I had the honor of speaking at The Rally to End Child Mutilation here in Nashville, Tennessee, organized by Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire. The rally was scheduled in response to the Vanderbilt Medical Center, where unearthed videos of a presentation made by Dr Shayne Taylor encouraged Vanderbilt to begin performing “gender affirming” procedures because they are a “big money maker.”

Reacting to these disturbing revelations, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued a statement condemning predatory hospitals that seek to push children into unnecessary surgeries for financial gain. Though Vanderbilt has since suspended gender surgeries and procedures on minors, they are likely to begin again soon.

While Vanderbilt contemplates their next move, many of us organized at the Tennessee state capitol to let them know the world is watching, and that many of us will not rest until these horrific procedures on minors are put to an end.

In my speech, I attempted to expose the pseudoscience being used as a justification for these irreversible “gender affirming” procedures.

VIDEO: Rally to end child mutilation

Transcript (starting at 34:02):

My name is Colin Wright, and I am an evolutionary biologist perhaps best known for arguing the (now controversial) position that biological sex is real, there are only two sexes, the differences between males and females matter, and that women are adult human females.

You might be wondering why this is relevant here at a rally about ending child mutilation. Well, it’s actually extremely relevant, because the justifications given for performing these horrific surgeries on children are rooted in absurd, reality-denying pseudoscience about basic biology.

It’s a pseudoscience that denies the existence of males and females.

It’s a pseudoscience that says biological sex is just an arbitrary social construct.

It’s a pseudoscience that says a person’s identity determines their biology.

And it’s a pseudoscience that says that a person can be born in the wrong body, which is demonstrated by having preferences or behaviors that are typically associated with the opposite sex.

Most people don’t realize how much our major scientific and medical institutions have been captured by this pseudoscience literally claiming that girls who are tomboys, and boys who are effeminate, are transgender.

But the American Psychological Association, the Endocrine Society, the American Psychiatric Association, and even the CDC, to name only a few, all literally define “transgender” as “persons whose expression or behavior does not conform to that which is typically associated with their sex.”

That’s their definition. Go look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. If your daughter is not a feminine girl, she’s actually a boy. And if your son is not a masculine boy, according to them, he’s actually a girl. Or even something else entirely different altogether.

This is absurd in the extreme.

We know that if left alone, many of these extremely “nonconforming” children will grow up to be normal, healthy, gay adults.

But now, because of gender ideology, these children are being told they have a mismatch between their gender identity and their biological sex, which can then be “fixed” with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery.

In addition to these beliefs defying all we know to be scientifically true about basic biology, they are also grotesque and evil.

What is occurring at Vanderbilt Medical, and hospitals and clinics all over the country in the name of gender pseudoscience, is a medical scandal of horrifying proportions.

And it has to end right now.


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