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A Tribute to Mike Davis, socialist geographer and historian

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Monday 31 October 2022, by siawi3

Source: Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF)

A Tribute to Mike Davis, socialist geographer and historian

31.10.22 4 hours ago

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Mike Davis, the American geographer and historian, has died. There was no better socialist writer in the last four decades.
In around 2017 or 2018 I finally picked up the copy of Mike Davis’ The Monster at Our Door from the shelves where it had been sitting for a few years, and read it. Davis had been right about so much—about the rise of the carceral state and ubiquitous surveillance, about the ecological disasters that would overtake exurban California, about the rise of ruthlessly (...)
- Mike Davis / Bibliography, Biography

Fire in the Belly: Mike Davis (1946-2022)
By O’ROURKE Ciarán

Ciarán O’Rourke remembers the work of Mike Davis (1946-2022).
“If there was ever a time for fire in the belly and a radical politics of hope, it is now.” So declared Mike Davis (1946-2022), in the 2016 preface to City of Quartz. “In cities like Los Angeles”, he observed in that monumental work first published in 1990, there is “an unprecedented tendency to merge urban design, architecture and the police apparatus into a single, comprehensive security effort.” Against such a backdrop, and tracing (...)
- Mike Davis / Bibliography, Biography

Mike Davis on becoming a Marxist - An excerpt from “Old Gods, New Enigmas: Marx’s Lost Theory”

After losing a coveted niche in the trucking industry, I started UCLA as an adult freshman, attracted by rumors of a high-powered seminar on Capital led by Bob Brenner in the History Department.
Verso is extremely sad to announce the death of our friend and comrade Mike Davis (1946-2022), the pioneering historian of the US working class and fierce critic of the economic, political, and military apparatuses of the US state machine and the brutalities of empires in general.
An excerpt (...)
- Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

Mike Davis Showed Us What “Old-School Socialism” Looked Like

The Marxist writer and activist Mike Davis died yesterday at the age of 76. His astonishing body of work will be impossible for anyone to replicate — but all of us can emulate his example of how to live and fight as an “old-school socialist.”
Writing about Mike Davis is a daunting task. You feel like you’re not worthy to weigh in on the work of such a staggeringly brilliant mind — because you’re not. No one is.
Davis, who died yesterday at the age of seventy-six, would have hated reading such a (...)
- Mike Davis

Mike Davis (1946-2022): Miscellaneous Encounters with “A Real Marxist”

Mike Davis, the revolutionary socialist social and culture critic, has died. The Los Angeles Times , has written a comprehensive obituary about his very productive and complicated life.
I think it must have been 1967 when I first met Mike Davis. One day, studying with my friends Eric and Jeannie Baecht, fellow students at San Diego State, I told them that I was a Marxist. “Oh, you think you’re a Marxist,” said Jeannie. “We’ll introduce you to a real Marxist.”
She made a call and we drove to (...)
- Mike Davis

Mike Davis, 1946-2022
By Against the Current

MIKE DAVIS (1946-2022) was a razor-sharp and combative writer, bogglingly knowledgeable, and with granite-hard socialist convictions. He died following a struggle with esophageal cancer at the age 76 in San Diego on October 25.
The young Mike Davis. Verso
In his many books, starting with Prisoners of the American Dream (1986) and City of Quartz (1990), he could take full command of an intricate narrative with copious threads. A towering figure on the U.S. Left, he audaciously went into (...)
- Mike Davis