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Former Yugoslavia: FEMINIST ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT - “anti-war movement” vs “peace movement”.

Online conversation 24 January 2023

Friday 13 January 2023, by siawi3

Source: via email Women In Black


Online conversation

24 January 2023 || 6-9pm CET

Thu, 12 Jan, 19:47 (4 hours ago)




Online conversation about the feminist anti-war/peace movement

24 January 2023 || 6-9pm CET time zone (Zagreb)

Translation will be provided English - Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian


On the anniversary of the death of Vesna Kesić, feminist anti-war activist and journalist from Croatia, her feminist comrades are continuing annual online bilingual meetings that would bring together feminist thinkers and practitioners from the post-Yugoslavia spaces and beyond. We are planning this second meeting to be the conversation about the feminist peace movement & anti-war movement on the territory of Yugoslavia during the ‘90s and beyond. Our goal is to hear from various histories of experiences about feminist values of the anti-war movement, who were the models of inspiration before us, as well about solidarity for women across the borders. How feminists interpret and use the terms “anti-war movement” vs “peace movement”.

Based on the experiences of the feminist peace movement, we open a discussion with all participants how experiences from different war zones are transferred, how we act in solidarity, what we should do today at the international level.

Moderator Željka Jelavić Zagreb

Conversation initiators:

Vesna Janković Zagreb

Jasminka Drino Kirlić Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje

Igballe Rogova Prishtina

Lepa Mlađenović Beograd

Hanna Safran Haifa

Paula Petričević Kotor

Jelka Zorn Ljubljana

Rebecca Johnson London

Madeleine Rees Geneva

Gorana Mlinarević Sarajevo