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UK: Night Carnival For Julian Assange this Saturday in London

Message from Stella Assange

Thursday 9 February 2023, by siawi3


Night Carnival For Julian Assange this Saturday in London

Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign

9 févr. 2023 —

Message from Stella Assange

Join me and kids this Saturday as we turn the streets of Westminster into a Carnival to Free Julian!

Our wrap-around-parliament action on October 8th was as huge success and a massive boost of energy and positivity for Julian and I.

The camaraderie and visual spectacle of that political protest inspired us to continue to build our movement to free Julian with a mid-winter carnival.

This Saturday our Free Assange Night Carnival will breathe life, colour and music into the perennially cold and gloomy Westminster. We even have a 13ft tall Lady Justice puppet ( The Carnival’s march through the City of Westminster will start at 4pm, from Lincoln’s Inn to the Houses of Parliament.

Right after the carnival we will gather at the Emmanuel Centre for a rally with WikiLeaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson, Ben Westwood, Richard Ratcliffe, Jeremy Corbyn.

This is a participative event so:

Email us with suggested carnivalesque tracks to play on the PA system (keep it upbeat!).
For inspiration for what to bring/wear for the carnival, scroll down for replies to my tweet:

The extradition case against Julian and its protracted passage through the British court system is now widely perceived as an outrageous abuse and the potential 175 year sentence hanging over him if extradited to the United States a ludicrous act of vengeance.

Our movement to free Julian has made huge progress since October.

The five main publishing partners of WikiLeaks published a joint letter calling on US authorities to drop the case against him. The Australian Prime Minister is now openly declaring that Australia is engaging its allies to bring Julian’s imprisonment to an end.

The rumour mill in the corridors of power is that winds are changing. Keeping Julian imprisoned is seen increasingly as politically costly.

Julian’s freedom will come not from the royal courts but from the clamour of the streets. Once our movement to free him reaches a critical mass he will be freed. That is the nature of political cases. We must continue to build it together. On Saturday, bring friends, family and colleagues. Don’t stop fighting, until he is free.

You can find the details here: