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WATCH: Assange Rallies on Press Freedom Day


Thursday 4 May 2023, by siawi3


Assange extradition, Biden Administration, Julian Assange, Press Freedom, WikiLeaks

WATCH: Assange Rallies on Press Freedom Day

May 4, 2023

Assange supporters on Wednesday rallied in front of The Washington Post in D.C. and at NBC in New York, as in San Francisco, Sydney, India, and at the DOJ building to highlight the hypocrisy surrounding World Press Freedom Day.

(7 videos) here

Activist Medea Benjamin took direct action at this press freedom event attended by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. It is followed by video of the Washington rally, courtesy of Ford Fischer of News2Share. 

In New York City, Randy Credico hosted a rally outside Rockefeller Center. Among the speakers were Chris Hedges, Margaret Kimberley, Tarak Kauff (NYC Veterans For Peace), Katie Halper, Margaret Kuntsler, Elizabeth Donato reading a statement from John Pilger. Video courtesy of Joe Friendly. 

In San Francisco. Video courtesy of laborvideo.

In Sydney, Australia a Help Desk was set up in Martin Place to answer questions from the public about Assange. It was manned by journalist Peter Cronau, whistleblower David McBride, and CN Live! executive producer, Cathy Vogan, who also filmed the event for Consortium News. Senators David Shoebridge and Peter Whish-Wilson also stopped by. (Video to come shortly.)

At a press conference at United Nations headquarters, Guilherme Canela De Souza Godoi, chief of the section of Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists for the United Nations Economic and Social Council, was asked about Assange at the 21 minute mark.


In India, the Tricontinental webcast this discussion of Assange on World Press Freedom Day.