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Nothing can appease the Islamists

Friday 12 October 2012, by siawi3

Maryam Namazie

October 10, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Thanks to the counter-revolutionary Muslim Brotherhood and president Morsi, the charge of blasphemy is on the rise in Egypt, including against two children aged 8 and 9.

Alber Saber, a 27-year-old computer science graduate, has also recently been charged with blasphemy.

When an angry mob tried to break into their home after neighbours accused Saber of uploading sections of the ridiculously bad film, Innocence of Muslims, his mother called the police who then promptly detained Alber for “his own protection.â€

Later, when his mother went to the police station to pick him up, she was surprised to find that charges had been pressed against him rather than the mob that was trying to break into their home.

Yes, quite…

I too am still often surprised by how easily men, women and children are sacrificed to appease the Islamists.

But nothing will appease them. Appeasement will only legitimise and encourage their mob violence and their murder and mayhem.

Instead, we need to stand up to them, defend the right to blaspheme, and real solidarity with those on the frontlines dissenting and resisting day in and day out.