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Polish feminist organizations protest the proposed law - Gowin’s project

European Feminist Initiative for another Europa

Monday 9 February 2009, by siawi

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Source: European Feminist Initiative


Initiative FeÌ ministe EuropeÌ enne pour une autre Europe
- European Feminist Initiative for another Europa
- Iniciativa Feminista Europea para otra Europa
- Europejska Feministyczyna Inicjatywa dla innej Europy
- Europäische Feministische Initiative für ein anderes Europa
- Europska Feministicka Inicijativa za drukciju Europu
- Iniziativa Feminista Europea per un’ altra Europa
- Europeiskt Feministiskt Initiativ for ett annat Europa
- Iniciativa FeÌ minista EuropeÌ a para uma outra Europa
- Europai Feminista KezdemeÌ nyezeÌ s egy masmilyen EuropaeÌ rt
- Evropska Feministi ka Inicijativa za poinakva Evropa
- Î•Ï…Ï Ï‰Ï€Î±Î¹ÌˆÎºÎ·Ì Î¦ÎµÎ¼Î¹Î½Î¹ÏƒÏ„Î¹ÎºÎ·Ì Î Ï Ï‰Ï„Î¿Î²Î¿Ï…Î»Î¹Ì Î± για ÎœÎ¹Ì Î± Î‘Ì Î»Î»Î· Î•Ï…Ï Ï‰Ì Ï€Î·
- Iniciativa Feminista Europeia


Europejska Feministyczna Inicjatywa w Polsce, polska sekcja Europejskiej Feministycznej Inicjatywy dla innej Europy

European Feministe Initiative in Poland, Polish section of European Feministe Initiative for another Europe


Polish feminist organizations are planning a protest on 24th of January in front of Polish Parliament over a draft of an in vitro fertilization act - dubbed “Gowin’s project”. The project takes its name from the name of the Polish MP charged with drafting of the law by the Civic Platform, the “enlightened” pro-European right-wing party. According to the draft, only married couples where wife is less than forty years old would be granted the right to take advantage of the in vitro fertilization. The law would ban creation of any surplus embryos and their cryopreservation (the law would not authorize implantation of more than two embryos), rendering the in vitro fertilization methode completely inefficient.

This conservative project, first approved by the Catholic Church, has attracted criticism even within the Civic Platform. At that moment Polish Episcopal Conference has assumed a much tougher stance, as such in its pastoral letter of 28 December: <God> > Having described all forms of in vitro as “morally illicit”, the bishops encouraged the members to <>.

In this context “Gowin’s project”, even without the need to swap a single letter, resurfaces as a moderate proposition, result of a compromise. These tactics are very well known from the times when the anti-abortion law was being drafted in Poland. The law on “in vitro” is also likely to lead to a total ban on abortion in Poland given its unconditional prohibition of the destruction of human fetuses.

The European Feminist Initiative in Poland is the co-organizer of the protest against the interference of the Polish Catholic Church in the legislative process in Poland, which seeks to once again impose religious principles in the field of procreation to Polish citizens. Poles are not all believers and Catholics (remember that other religions are not opposed to the method in vitro). We also oppose the effects of adoption of this law that could lead to a total ban on abortion, already severely restricted under the anti-abortion law in force in Poland.



We invite all feminist and secular organizations in Europe to express their solidarity with our protest at: nina.sankari