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UK: Press coverage on gender apartheid in universities

Friday 20 December 2013, by siawi3

“We will continue our fight against gender apartheid at universitiesâ€


In the media

by Maryam Namazie

Here is some press coverage on the sex segregation issue and the niqab. The first one is a debate with a member of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir. Ironic how a representative of a misogynist Islamist organisation can speak of women’s rights. And using language Universities UK has used to defend its indefensible position.
Whilst UUK has now withdrawn the section endorsing sex apartheid, we still need to be vigilant as they will be rewriting the guidance to most likely legitimise “voluntary†segregation. Rather than re-writing their document, the head of UUK should resign for the sex segregation scandal.

See some of the coverage below:
On sex segregation, BBC World Service, 14 December 2013 [external link]
Gender segregation guidelines u-turn following PM warning, Channel 4 News,13 December 2013 [external news]
Universities pull back from sex segregation as Cameron weighs in, Daily Telegraph, 13 December 2013 [external link]
On the niqab, Community Channel, 13 December 2013 [external link]
Sexual apartheid: Is there any room for gender segregation, This Week, 12 December 2013 [external link]
A future labour government will ‘not tolerate’ gender segregation at our universities, Left Foot Forward, 12 December 2013 [external link]
Outcry at ‘gender apartheid’ in new guidance for UK universities, The Independent, 11 December 2013 [external link]
University gender segregation ‘violation of women’s freedom’, BBC, 11 December 2013 [external link]
Backlash grows over university gender segregation guidelines, Daily Telegraph, 11 December 2013 [external link]
Gender Apartheid is real in UK universities so why aren’t more people fighting it? Daily Telegraph, 11 December 2013 [external link]
‘We will fight them like the suffragettes’: Protesters target Universities UK over sex segregation policy, Politics, 11 December 2013 [external link]
The segregation of women and the appeasement of bigotry at UK’s universities, The Spectator, 11 December 2013 [external link]
Sex apartheid in British universities deemed acceptable, Voice of Russia, 11 December 2013 [external link]
Gender Segregation protests against university guidelines, Channel 4 News, 10 December 2013 [external link]
Why we are protesting against gender segregation this evening, Left Foot Forward, 10 December 2013 [external link]
Sex segregation at university debates is not okay, Care2, 30 November 2013 [external link]
Should Britain ban the niqab? Channel, 27 November 2013 [external link]
Leaving the Faith, BBC Radio 4, 27 November 2013 [external link]
British Universities shouldn’t condone this kind of gender segregation, The Guardian CiF, 26 November 2013 [external link]
Other press coverage can be found here, on original site