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’How far will the leader of catholic church go ?’ ask European Feminists

Monday 30 March 2009

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Initiative Féministe Européenne pour une autre Europe
- European Feminist Initiative for another Europe
- Iniciativa Feminista Europea para otra Europa
- Europejska Feministyczyna Inicjatywa dla innej Europy
- Europäische Feministische Initiative für ein anderes Europa
- Europska Feministicka Inicijativa za drukciju Europu
- Iniziativa Feminista Europea per un’ altra Europa
- Europeiskt Feministiskt Initiativ for ett annat Europa
- Iniciativa Féminista Européa para uma outra Europa
- Europai Feminista Kezdeményezés egy masmilyen Europaért
- Evropska Feministicka Inicijativa
- Ευρωπαϊκή Φεμινιστική Πρωτοβουλία για Μία Άλλη Ευρώπη


How far will the leader of the catholic church go ????

No to negationism , no to obscurantism !

The pope Ratzinger statements during his trip in Africa are unbelievable!!! In a continent where AIDS is killing millions of people , adults as well as children, the pope , from the height of his religious authority , recommends not to use the condom, but to pray and to be abstinent. The non scientific aberration added to the reactionary ideology of this pope are so disrupting for the mind that consequently they promote behaviours that endanger people’s lives and bring death. Recently in Brazil, a bishop, excommunicated a doctor and the mother of a 9 year old child, for saving the life of the child by interrupting her pregnancy after she had been raped. A representative of the Vatican supported this excommunication.
We reject with the deepest indignation the obscurantist declarations of Ratzinger who seems to forget that we are out now of the middle ages. The world demands today the affirmation of the principle of secularism as the necessary antidote to the fundamentalist crusade , to all those who do not tolerate freedom of consciousness and self determination of men and women as universal rights .

EFI European coordination committee .
- March 09.