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India: RSS Hindu Far-Right puritanism

Wednesday 19 March 2014, by siawi3

March 11, 2014
India: Far Right RSS’s top members are supposed to keep distance from women
from: The Indian Express


RSS joint gen secy removed for his ‘relationship’ with woman

Written by Shaju Philip , Shyamlal Yadav | Thiruvananthapuram/new Delhi | March 12, 2014 3:00 am

‘Pracharak must be celibate... he has insulted the institution,’ says Sangh insider.

At its Pratinidhi Sabha in Bangalore last week, the RSS announced the exit of its Sah Sarkaryavah (joint general secretary) K C Kannan, 52. Sources said he was removed from the post after he was reportedly found to be in a relationship with a woman.

The Sah Sarkaryavah ranks third in the RSS hierarchy. Kannan, who became one of the four Sah Sarkaryavahs in 2012, is the first leader to be removed from such a high-level position .

Many had believed Kannan, a promising leader, would make it to the top post in the RSS.

Although RSS pracharaks are usually bachelors, there are married pracharaks as well, but only at the lower levels. Kannan was learnt to have been involved in the relationship even when he was made Sah Sarkaryavah. He was not available for comment.

When contacted, Manmohan Vaidya, RSS Prachar Pramukh, said: “Kannan has decided to return home because of health problems. He will start a family life and had conveyed this to our leadership a few months back… He will now work at the local level.’’

RSS sources said the secret relationship of one of its top pracharaks has shocked the organisation. “The most shocking fact is that nobody was aware of his relationship for so long,†said an RSS leader.

“For the RSS, the post of pracharak is an institution. He should remain single and celibate. By maintaining a secret relationship, Kannan has insulted that institution. If he wanted family life, he could have given up the role of pracharak in a transparent manner much earlier,’’ said a Sangh insider.

Sources said during the RSS national executive in Kochi in October, Kannan had communicated his intention to go back to family life after his relationship came to the notice of the national leadership. He said he wanted to look after his ailing father.

Sources said no decision was taken on whether Kannan should be accommodated as an ordinary worker. But later, Sarkaryawah Suresh Bhaiyaji Joshi announced his removal from all responsibilities.