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Alliance of Inclusive Muslims

Thursday 12 June 2014, by siawi3

Press Conference Statement – Launch of Alliance of Inclusive Muslims Human Rights Council

June 11, 2014

In the spirit of universal human rights, justice and dignity for all – all values championed by Islam – we are here to launch Alliance of Inclusive Muslims, a collective of progressive Muslims across all nationality, race, and sectarian affiliation.
Henceforth, we have agreed to consolidate our efforts to counter radical, intolerant and supremacist attitudes and behaviours in Muslim communities. We also seek to challenge theological justifications for hate and supremacism with the progressive values that we feel to be inherent in Islam.
We promise to uphold three key values:
1. Human Rights for All - the equal worth of all human beings, regardless of religion, sectarianism, race, sex, gender, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, creed, age, sexual orientation, or ability.
2. Freedom of Expression - advocates for freedom of expression and freedom of dissent. No one should be legally prosecuted, imprisoned or detained for declaring or promoting unpopular opinions whether political, artistic, social or religious, even when said expression may be offensive or afore-mentioned dissent may be considered blasphemous.
3. Freedom of/from Religion - to uphold the Qu’ranic mandate “let there be no compulsion in religion” (Q:2:256), that freedom of conscience is not only essential to all human societies, but integral to the Qu’ranic view of humanity.
Why is it when the Quran clearly states marriage is between adults of sound mind, in many Muslim nations children are forced into marriage, often in exchange for money and / or property?
Why is it when the Quran clearly commands education for boys as well as girls, in the Muslim world, girls receive second tier schooling, and when they have the audacity to attend school, often face threats, intimidation and violence?
Why is it during Prophet Muhammad’s days, homosexuality was never punished, and now in many majority-Muslim nations, homosexuality is criminalized?
Why is it when the Quran clearly states: “There is no compulsion in faith,” in many majority-Muslim nations, citizens are forced to adhere to the State’s definition of Islam, or face imprisonment or other punitive measures under anachronistic blasphemy laws (which are often politically motivated in their application).
Why is it when the Quran mandates critical thinking, in many majority-Muslim nations, individuals are punished by state authorities for doing just that?
This is a direct challenge to the Organization of the Islamic Conference and its State members:
Only when your citizens can live with dignity, in safety, not fearing bodily harm from family members, fellow citizens, and with freedom of conscience, of thought and from religion as the Qur’an demands, can a country rightfully call itself ‘Islamic’.
In the meantime, progressive Muslim activists the world over will continue to counter your interpretations of Islam – particularly when these are fused with public policy - and contribute positive alternatives to the wider discourse.

To join the Alliance, email us at info