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USA: Campaign to support Obama’s orders against discrimination against gays

Saturday 19 July 2014, by siawi3

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July 19, 2014

President Obama just announced he’ll sign key orders to protect US federal workers and contractors on Monday so they can’t be fired for being lesbian, gay, bi, or trans! This is a huge victory, especially because there’s reports that he’s listened to the thousands of us who’ve asked him not to add any exceptions.

But anti-gay groups are still lobbying hard to convince him to back down. They want him to create a loophole so some bosses could keep discriminating if they think being gay is a sin.

We’ve got 48 hours to show Obama we’ve got his back and make sure they can’t pressure his administration to change their minds. If you think no one should be fired for being gay, sign now and share with your family, friends, and coworkers:

Thanks for going All Out,
Andre and the All Out team.

More info below:

President Obama is about to make it harder to fire people for who they love in the USA. But, anti-gay activists are now pushing hard for a loophole.

Sign now and tell Obama to say NO to anyone who wants to keep firing lesbian, gay, bi or trans people:

Dear friends,

In 32 US states, you can be fired just for being gay. President Obama has promised an order banning federal contractors from firing or refusing to hire someone because of who they are or who they love. Experts say that it could set the standard for future employment laws.

But some anti-gay activists are lobbying Obama hard for a huge loophole. It would give bosses a license to keep firing anyone they think is lesbian, gay, bi or trans if they say it’s against their religious beliefs.

Obama’s position for equality is clear. But powerful interests are trying to get him to back down right now. So, we’re going All Out to make sure he sees thousands and thousands supporting him to say NO to anti-gay loopholes.

The order could come any day now. If you think no one should be fired for being gay, sign now and share with your family, friends, and coworkers:

Despite huge advances for equality in the US, fewer than half of the states have made it illegal to fire someone because they’re lesbian, gay, bi or trans.

In one case, a teacher was fired from her job after 19 years – because she wrote her female partner’s name in her mother’s obituary. Her story is heartbreaking, but it’s not unique.

Will you show President Obama that you support him in protecting LGBT people at work?
Add your name here:

In 2010, the first-ever victory for All Out members was asking the US leaders to stand up for equality at the United Nations – and it worked! Since then, we’ve been able to show leaders around the world that there’s more than 2 million of us fighting together for love and equality – and time and time again they’ve listened and acted.

Now, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, we’re reminding President Obama that there is a global movement for love and equality that won’t accept less than total equality. In the last week, over one hundred religious leaders have even signed a letter calling on Obama to leave out this dangerous loophole.

Will you add your name to the petition before it’s too late?

Thanks for going All Out.

Andre, Hayley, Leandro, Pablo, Melanie, and the rest of the All Out team.

P.S. Two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court held that private companies can use their religious beliefs to deny contraception to female staff. That’s why religious lobbyists are ramping up their pressure campaign on Obama right now. If nothing’s done to fix employment protections in the US, anti-gay employers could expand their discrimination against LGBT people. Sign now to ask Obama to protect all people in the work place – with no exceptions:


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