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Serbia: Assault on the founder of Women In Black- Belgrade

Friday 25 July 2014, by siawi3

“Zene u crnom”>
23 juli 2014 14:19:39

Assault against Stasa Zajovic

Dear all,

We are sending you document on the assault against Stasa Zajovic.

In solidarity

Women in Black

On the assault against Staša Zajović

On July 22nd 2014, around 2 p.m. at the bus stop near the main post office (near the flower shop“Jelena”) in Zemun, a dark-haired, tall and corpulent man aged between 30 and 40, kept hurling insults and threats at me for a few minutes, saying: “I know you, you are StaÅ¡a Zajović from Women in Black. I’ll tell you this – there is no place for you in Serbia”.

My question: “Who are you?” remained unanswered, but he continued: “Are you concerned about your safety? Or about the safety of your family? You should be afraid, because you hate Serbs and work for the Muslims... Let me tell you this, I won’t tell you my name. We are invisible, we come out of the dark and we work in the dark, we are everywhere... You won’t get any protection from the American commandoes”. He repeated: “You work for the Muslims, and they killed my family”.

I told him that I was very sorry about that and that what he was saying is not true. I asked him if he had attended the memorial service to Serb victims on July 18th at the cemetery of OrlovaÄ a,where there was no one else except for Women in Black and the victims’ families.

He continued saying that I was not going to be “rescued by American commandoes ...” Then I boarded bus number 84, which had just arrived, and got off at the terminal at Zeleni venac, at 2.26 p.m. and I immediately called Milan Antonijevic from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.

Recorded by Staša Zajović

Dear friends,

On Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 at 10a.m.a preliminary hearing will be held before the Higher Court in Belgrade in the criminal proceedings against Radomir PoÄ uÄ a, because of his call for lynch of the activists of the association Women in Black

In solidarity,

Women in Black