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A letter from Iran

Monday 22 June 2009, by siawi

16 June 2009

Dear friends,

We are cut off from the world. This time for good. The only thing
which is left is a very slow internet connection that does not allow
downloading or uploading films or large images. Many websites are
blocked, including BBC World, BBC Persian, Deutsche Welle, Facebook,
Tuiter, Independent, you name it. Satellite channels such as BBC
Persian are also blocked. We’re fighting in streets, in universities,
on emails and phone calls. SMS messaging is disabled. Mobile phones
don’t work in demonstration zones. All we hear from the West, is
congratulation to Ahmadinejhad from Russia, China, etc. Even Robert
Fisk who was in Tehran, and I only got to read him on a mirror site,
doubts whether there has been a fraud. This is so humiliating. What I
sent you in the previous email, is what we see everyday in streets,
everywhere. And in all cities that I’ve heard of. My friend was beaten
on the head with electric baton in front of my eyes two days ago.
After millions of people marched in Tehran yesterday (and how those
The Guardian dare to say it was thousands) and arranged to meet up
this afternoon, we have news from mouth to mouth or through mobile
phones, not to attend the demonstration today for they are planning a
vast massacre. This is somewhat confirmed by Moosavi’s official
website. Nobody knows what to believe. They’re pushing the whole
country into aggression. They’re looking forward to dead bodies. More
than what they’ve got already. They shut yesterday into a crowed that
had done its best (and I just couldn’t believe this) to make the
demonstration as peaceful as possible. They’re crushing us down
through information management.

It’s more horrible than Lebanon or Palestine. We deserve to be heard.

Don’t believe what you hear! Don’t let us down! They’re destroying us.