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Russia: Aggressive xenophobia manifestations

Tuesday 17 November 2009, by siawi2

Sunday, 21 June 2009 13:46

Aggressive xenophobia manifestations in RF in January – first half June 2009

Anti Fascist Network
(Review of Moscow bureau for human rights)


During January – first half June of 2009 103 attacks motivated by aggressive xenophobia were committed, and 34 dead and 102 wounded were their result. The attacks were recorded in Moscow and Moscow region (20 dead, 65 wounded) as well as in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (2 dead, 11 wounded), Nizhniy Novgorod (2 dead, 10 wounded), Kaliningrad (1 dead, 2 wounded), Yaroslavl (1 dead, 2 wounded), Ingushetia, Lipetsk region, Ryazan, Novosibirsk region, Ulyanovsk, Kemerovo, Stavropol (1 dead each), Kabardino-Balkaria (4 wounded), Murmansk (3 wounded), Daghestan, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Tambov, Syktyvkar, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kostroma, Izhevsk (1 wounded each). The victims of attacks include: Uzbeks (11 dead, 5 wounded), the Kirghiz (4 dead, 10 wounded), Tajiks (4 dead, 8 wounded), Daghestanis (2 dead, 4 wounded), the Vietnamese (2 dead), natives of African countries (1 dead, 15 wounded), Azerbaijanis (1 dead, 7 wounded), the Chinese (1 dead, 2 wounded), Armenians, Koreans, Kabardinians (1 dead and 1 wounded each), the Ingush, Chechens (1 dead each), Russians (4 wounded), Jews, Spaniards (3 wounded each), Indians, Kalmyks, Bangladeshis, Buryats, Kurds, Latin Americans (1 wounded each).

During first two weeks of June four attacks motivated by aggressive xenophobia were recorded in Russian Federation, and 1 person perished and seven persons got severe injuries due to them.

On the night of June 7 a group of drunken men began a scuffle in Moscow underground with a Chechen and a Daghestani and insulted them basing upon their nationality. While defending himself the Chechen had to use a traumatic gun. Four scuffle participants suffered during it – two persons got bullet wounds and two got blows.

On the night of June 8 a tourist from Japan was beaten in Moscow.

On June 14 two skinheads attacked a newcomer from Kirghizia in Moscow being a loader of one of Moscow transport companies.

On June 15 an attack on two residents of Bashkiria was committed in Lyubertsy (Moscow region). One of them perished and another one was severely wounded.

The nationalists strived for using the sentence passed on a native of Uzbekistan who killed the schoolgirl Anna Beshnova in their propagandist purposes maximally. On DPNI website a proclamation by Vladimir Basmanov was published – brother of A. Potkin who declined the authorities of the organization leader formally late in May. Calling himself a “brother-in-arms of National council of DPNI”, Basmanov asserts that the investigation started just due to pressure from the nationalists. The fantasies of the “brother-in-arms” alternated with the standard demagogy about the “war and violence against our people”, “terror against the native population” and were accompanied by recommendation of having arms on oneself permanently and appeals “to join any organizations of Russian people for acting together in any situation”.

For comparison. According to MBHR data, during first two weeks of June of the last year 6 attacks motivated by ethnic hatred were recorded on the territory of Russia. 11 people suffered in these incidents.

As usual the biggest number of the victims of aggressive xenophobia was recorded in Moscow (6 persons). It is followed by St. Petersburg and Lipetsk (2 wounded each). One person got a severe injury in Yaroslavl.

Totally 152 attacks at least motivated by xenophobia were recorded since early January till June 15, 2009; 69 people perished and 170 people at least were wounded due to them.


During January – first half June of 2009 58 cases of vandalism at least were recorded. During first two weeks of June one case of vandalism was recorded.

On the night of June 12 a swastika was drawn on the building of regional committee of KPRF in Gorno-Altaysk (Republic of Altay).

Use of pseudo-human rights rhetoric

On June 1 an interview with Andrey Kuznetsov, acting chairman of the National council of DPNI, was published on DPNI website. Kuznetsov asserts that the Russians are “already humiliated on native Russian territories… And this Russo-phobe policy is supported on the state level”. It is characteristic that the DPNI functionary considers the condemnation of skinheads who attacked “non-Russians” to be “humiliating”.

Xenophobia of the authority representatives

On June 5, during discussion of the issue of ratification of the Agreement between Russia and Uzbekistan on protection of rights of Russian labor migrants on the territory of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek ones – on the territory of Russia in the State Duma, the LDPR leader V. Zhirinovsky called upon the deputies to forget the former “fraternal friendship” and intimidated his colleagues by “invasion of Afghanis and Pakistanis” and notorious transit of drugs. Deputy of the State Duma from “Fair Russia” Semyon Bagdasarov proposed to cancel no-visa regime with the Central Asian countries due to the same drug-traffic and terrorist groups being active in these countries.

Early in June a scandal started concerning the article titled “Fabrications and falsifications in estimates of role of the USSR on the eve and after beginning of the World War II” published on official website of the Ministry of defense. Its author - the chief of research department of military history of the North-Western region of RF in the Institute of military history of the Ministry of defense colonel S. Kovalyov – makes Poland responsible for unleashing of the World War II as it “refused to satisfy the German claims”. After start of the scandal, the Ministry of defense deleted the text from the website in haste and announced that the article by Kovalyov is of debatable character and does not reflect the official point of view.

The mayor of Moscow Yu. Luzhkov, speaking on June 2 on the air of TV channel “TV-Center”, stated that one of the reasons why the gay parades wouldn’t be conducted in Moscow is the circumstance that “our society has the healthy morality and does not accept all these gays”.

The show of anti-fascist film “Russia-88” by the producer Pavel Bardin planned for June 3 in “Cinefantom” cinema did not take place. “According to the cinema administration, two persons came who introduced themselves as the FSB employees. Local district militia officer came with them. They said there would be no show as they cancel it,” Bardin stated.

Clerical xenophobia

On June 2 the missionary department of Chelyabinsk eparchy disseminated a statement that the special course is delivered for the first-year students of Chelyabinsk state pedagogical university on non-traditional methods of health improvement. Representatives of the Orthodox church think that this system corresponds to international occult movement “New Age” in its purposes, character and methods and is a direct threat for health and life of people. In their turn, the university representatives stated on June 4 that these accusations are groundless. “There is no sect in the pedagogical university. It’s impossible to consider it the breeder of occultism,” the college rector V. Latyushin noted and added that the manual passed through the editorial commission.

Justification of terrorism

Early in June some “ns-brigade “White march”” appeared in St. Petersburg that assumed the responsibility for a murder of three “non-Slavs”.

Early in June the nationalistic activist A. Baranovsky actually blackmailed the authorities on his blog by a threat of mass terror in case of continuation of persecutions of nationalists committing the crimes motivated by xenophobia. “The more right young people would be taken to prison, the more militia and court infinite lawlessness would take place towards them, the tougher would be the response of nationalist opposition, the less there would be of legal nationalism and the more of partisan actions”, Baranovsky states.

Response of the authorities to xenophobia manifestations

The Commissioner on human rights in RF Vladimir Lukin stated on June 3 that race discrimination in Russia is connected with unreasonable migratory policy in many respects. “On one hand, Russia needs people most critically: this is both the large territory and the demographic situation. On the other hand, there are over-populated megalopolises that became a source of race discrimination problems. The purposeful strategy is necessary”, the ombudsman thinks.

In his interview published on June 9 in “Rossiyskaya gazeta”, the chief of the Department on counteraction to extremism of the Ministry of home affairs of Russia lieutenant-general of militia Yuri Kokov stated that “in some regions of Russia the attempts of a split basing upon ethnicity and religion and of destabilization of social-political situation were noted”. In the opinion of the general, this is a dangerous symptom for the state being a unique ethnic-territorial formation.

The mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov proposed the prefects at the meeting of the city government that took place on June 9 to intensify their work with ethnic diasporas in the districts “concerning the interethnic cooperation” and to pay more attention to upbringing of tolerance of the Muscovites.

Public and xenophobia

The Nizhniy Novgorod eparchy expressed its readiness to help the Moslems to restore the burnt mosque in Balakhna.

On June 7 the chief trainer of national football team of Russia Guus Hiddink condemned the racism and fascism manifestations at the Russian stadiums calling for establishment of clear norms of behavior for the fans. “I hate this. Perhaps some of these people just do not understand what they do. I hope they would understand if they would have to be responsible for this. The personal responsibility would help to change the situation. In “Valencia” I also had to combat against fascism manifestations among the fans. In England itself you would never get to the stadium again if you commit anything like this or maybe would suffer the criminal liability. The emotions are welcomed there but the insults are punished. If similar clear norms of behavior are established in Russia, the people would know very well what they may do and what is impossible. Many Russian sports clubs are a mixture of races, nations, religions and cultures today. The fans must understand: they live in contemporary world where there may be no other way except respect towards all the cultures”, Guus Hiddink said.

An anti-fascist film “Russia-88” shot by Pavel Bardin received the main prize at the international film festival that was completed on June 8 in Cheboksary.

On June 10 the gay-activists of Moscow brought a suit in Tverskoy district court against the mayor Yuri Luzhkov for a sum of 1 kopeck stating they considered his statements addressed to homosexuals on the air of TV to be abusive.

Law-enforcement practice

In January-first half June of 2009 124 persons were convicted for the crimes motivated by xenophobia. 18 persons were sentenced to correctional and public work, educational measures of effect were awarded to four persons, one person was sentenced to two days of arrest, five – to imprisonment in colony-settlement, 34 got suspended sentences, 29 – were sentenced to 1-5-year imprisonment, 9 – to 5-10-year imprisonment, 9 – to 10-20-year imprisonment, eight – to penalties, 1 – was sent for compulsory treatment and two were exempted from liability due to exceeding of the statute of limitation.

During first half of June 16 persons were convicted in the country for crimes motivated by xenophobia. Five of them were sentenced to compulsory work, one got suspended sentence, five else were sentenced to actual 1-5-year imprisonment, three persons – to 5-10-year imprisonment, one – to 16-year imprisonment and one was sent for compulsory treatment.

Early in June the criminal proceedings were instituted under clause 282 of the Criminal code against a man born in 1963 who made the statements directed at incitement of hatred, humiliation of dignity of a group of persons basing upon their nationality on May 1 at the meeting conducted in Sverdlovsky district of Krasnoyarsk.

Early in June Ishim district office of public prosecutor (Tyumen region) sent the materials of inspection concerning the fact of drawing the fascist symbols to municipal directorate of home affairs “Ishimsky” and also made an adduction addressed to the head of Ishim city where it demanded to restore the proper view of the house.

On June 1 an accusation was brought under clause 282 part 1 of the Criminal code of RF against the leader of Tatarstan organization “Milli medjlis” F. Bayramova who placed an address to UN on the Internet with appeal to recognize independence of Tatarstan. Similar accusation was brought against the editor of a newspaper “Chally yashlere” 32-year-old Damir Shaikhutdinov who placed the text of the address in his newspaper.

On June 1 the Investigatory committee for Kostroma region instituted criminal proceedings concerning the fact of placing information inciting interethnic hatred and hostility on the Internet (clause 282 part 1 of CC of RF).

On June 3 the Central district court of Krasnoyarsk sentenced the leader of Krasnoyarsk regional branch of DPNI Leonid Ikonnikov to 6-year imprisonment in general regime colony on accusation of incitement of ethnic dissension, inflicting the blows upon the militia employee and hooliganism.

On June 3 the sentence against two Belgorod skinheads who beat a student-Senegalese in December 2008 came into force. Oktyabrsky district court of Belgorod sentenced them, taking into account their admission of guilt and complete repentance, to compulsory work of 220 and 200 hours. Besides, the sum spent for treatment of the African will be recovered by one of them.

On June 4 the sentence was passed on a group of skinheads who desecrated the synagogue in Orenburg in spring 2008. The Central district court found them guilty of incitement of interethnic hatred. Two of the accused were sentenced to 6-year imprisonment and two else – to 160 and 240 hours of compulsory work.

On June 8 the criminal proceedings against the teenagers who attacked the citizen of Korean People’s-Democratic Republic in January 2009 were directed to the court.

On June 9 Pervomaisky district court of Kirov city passed the guilty verdict on the resident of Vladimir M. Kislitsin being guilty of putting anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Caucasian graffiti in 2007. Kislitsin was sentenced to 100 hours of compulsory work.

On June 9 the hearing of the case started in Leninsky district court of Vladivostok against the leader of the “Union of Slavs” Alexander Komarov under clauses 280 (public appeals to forcible overthrow of Constitutional system of RF) and 282 (incitement of hatred or hostility as well as humiliation of human dignity) of CC of RF.

On June 9 the criminal proceedings were instituted against the student of St. Petersburg Polytechnic university Sergey Orlov. He is accused of pasting the stickers of racist contents in the underground.

It became known on June 10 that Lyublinsky district court of Moscow sentenced a student of medical college and four 16-year-old teenagers to various terms of imprisonment for beating of a citizen of Tajikistan motivated by ethnic hatred. 18-year-old student of Moscow medical college No 15 Pavel Tabachkov was sentenced to 3-year imprisonment in strict regime colony and four of his partners in crime under age were sentenced to 3-4-year imprisonment in educational colony. The court decision came into force after confirmation of its legality by judicial collegium of Moscow city court.

On June 10 the Investigatory department of Investigatory committee of the office of public prosecutor of RF for St. Petersburg brought the criminal proceedings against Vladimir Sosnikhin to court. He is accused of a murder of the student of St. Petersburg state university of informational technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO) Denis Yezdautskis and beating of his friend, motorcar washer man Sergey Yakovlev who were taken by Sosnikhin and three of his accomplices for representatives of “antifa” movement.

In became known on June 10 about detention of 16-year-old Muscovite who manufactured a 8-kg explosive device at home. The neo-Nazi planned to commit a terrorist act in a crowded place of the capital on May 5.

On June 10 six printed editions of extremist orientation were withdrawn from a prayer room at Sennoy market of St. Petersburg. The tenant of the premises was detained – chairman of Islamic religious organization “Al Fath” Djamaliddin Makhmutov.

On June 11 Yaroslavl regional court passed a sentence on a skinhead D. Leontyev who killed the citizen of Tajikistan on January 1, 2009. Leontyev, who was already serving his punishment earlier for attack on an African, was sentenced to 16-year imprisonment.