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Pakistan: Asia Bibi’s trial for blasphemy

Sunday 18 June 2017, by siawi3


Supreme Court of Pakistan dismisses Asia Bibi’s appeal for June hearing

By Madeeha Bakhsh

May 2, 2017

Pakistan’s Apex Court has declined Asia Bibi’s appeal for early hearing. In past days Asia Bibi’s defense counsel Advocate Saif ul Malook had put forth a petition for an early hearing of the Christian respondent’s case. Previously, he stated: “the request to reopen the hearing was submitted to the President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan last week. “

Asia Bibi’s death sentence

Asia Bibi’s quandary lingers along due to unwarranted delay: “The case continues to be postponed due to the problems of this country. We are in the midst of a continuing war between Islam and Kufr (infidels). But our hopes for her release are many,” Advocate Saif ul Malook said.

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After the appeal for an early hearing of Asia Bibi’s case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has turned down the request for an early hearing of the case of a Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy. On April 26, Wednesday Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar had declined the appeal for hearing the case of Asia Bibi in first week of June. Asia Bibi’s defense counsel Advocate Saif ul Malook told local media that: ‎“Today I have been informed that the plea was declined by the CJP.”

While remaking about the latest development Joseph Nadeem, Executive director of the Renaissance Education Foundation stated: “This is very unfortunate. Her husband became quiet when he heard the latest developments. We shall again apply for the hearing and keep struggling for justice.”

Speculating about the possible reason of unjustifiable delay, Joseph Nadeem said: There are many factors at work behind the slow pace of judiciary. Her case has been in the doldrums due to huge pressure. There will be a strong reaction if Bibi is freed. Opposing groups have made it a matter of honor and ego.”

In October 2016, Supreme Court judges called off the trial of Asia Bibi to a date yet to be determined. A Supreme Court bench consisting of three members and led by Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, decided to adjourn the court after one of the judges of the bench decided to quit the bench. Justice Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman retired from the case maintaining that he had also been part of the bench hearing the case of Salman Taseer’s murder.

Asia Bibi was accused of committing blasphemy by her co-workers back in 2009. Later on, in 2010, a court in district Nankana awarded her capital punishment, which was later challenged and upheld by a two-member bench of Lahore High Court in 2014. Her appeal case is currently pending with the Supreme Court of Pakistan.