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Draconian Blasphemy laws in Pakistan

Tuesday 1 August 2017, by siawi3


Draconian Blasphemy laws in Pakistan

December 2, 2016

Written by: Syeda Maida

Aasiya’s Crime

Pakistan is not the only country to have the barbaric blasphemy law.Such things happen when religion is allowed to meddle in or participate in governance or government. Regardless of which religion,it is. That is because the religion leaders claim that they are accountable to a different authority, their god and that his dictates supersede human laws. Most Islamic countries, i.e. where Islam is state law, have blasphemy laws. Pakistan has the most notorious ones, punishable by death.

The original blasphemy laws, from 1927 (under British rule), were inclusive of all religions not only any specific religion and required intent to commit blasphemy: But since 1980,s,Pakistan enacted Islam-specific blasphemy law or specifically anti-Ahmadi. Approximately only 4% of non-Muslims are Pakistani.It appears that most of these cases were trumped up to persecute religious minorities or to settle personal enmity. Although Pakistan has never executed anybody for blasphemy.People have been murdered often by mobs before completing their court trials who charged with blasphemy or even on the mere allegation of blasphemy.

Those who are arrested for blasphemy are usually denied bail (to keep them safe from mobs) and put in solitary confinement (for their own protection from other inmates) Those who try to protect them (lawyers, police and judges) are also subject to hostilities.At least 2 high-level government officials have been assassinated for opposing blasphemy laws.Governor of Punjab,Salman Taseer killed by his own bodyguard for supporting Aasiya Norean,Minority affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti shot dead for supporting her.Aasiya Noreen being a Christian her testimony has only half weight as per Pakistan law. Aasiya Bibi’s case has become one of the worst emerging examples of de jure target killing through blasphemy law in international level.Aasiya a mother of five was convicted of blasphemy in 2009 and separated from her children for half a decade. Public opinion about Aasiya Bibi’s case is widely split according to their own understanding, Some says,that personal clash turned into a religious ado in which Aasiya said some objectionable words and thus she deserves no mercy,some see it as a falsely registered case of revenge.Courts are clearly under pressure because of a strong religious sentiment linked to this case and for obvious few reasons like Mumtaz Qadri lawfully killed.

The majority of the Muslims in Pakistan especially those who get the education only in the Friday sermons or religious schools are staunch supporters of murderer Mumtaz Qadri and his actions.Religious fanatics scholars are using Islam as their shelter and they have their own agendas. Incident Happen during harvest, where a fellow Muslim woman warned Aasiya Bibi not to drink a water in the same cup as she is Christian and further event led to the death penalty. Water is unclean because Aasiya is a Christine.It is a crime in the Islamic state as she born non-believer and she tried to defend herself in front of a Muslim fellow,how dare is she?she must be hanged till death.In Pakistan there are many inhuman and evil acts are happening in a daily base like child labour to child molestation but no one ever thought about any law against that cruelty but Islam can easily threaten by Aasiya. In this story,Aasiya seems the real victim and that Muslim lady who insulted Aasiya to being a Christian and gave unreasonably objectionable comments sound like real blasphemer.Mutual respect is a fundamental principle of co-existence.No one has right to expect respect If they don’t do the same.Blasphemy law should be applied for all the religious communities sentiments like Christianity and any other minorities-Why only Islam or Muslims want privilege. Is It a geographical lottery where you born in the world?People are more important than any belief or faith.There are different religions and faiths which are followed by numerous billion people around the world but only Muslims get offended soon in the name of Islam or prophet of Islam and behaved so impatiently. Aasiya Bibi may or may not have committed blasphemy against Prophet of Islam,but in no way does she deserve this punishment.

One fabricated story teaches since many years to every school in Pakistan,which can be a great example of how to deal with blasphemy. During Prophet’s life, there used to be a non-Muslim woman who used to throw litter on him. One day she got sick, and the Prophet himself visited her and enquired after her health.The woman was so touched by this kind gesture that she converted to Islam. How Islam can be in danger by an Aasiya bibi mother of five,who even asking forgiveness.Is this the religion of peace?.Fanatic goofs want to change the world because of their wishes.

People have a right to choose and have a right to leave,why someone holds to take other destiny in their hand in the name of religion.I am sure that Prophet of Islam which Muslims claim since many years was the Prophet of mercy’ couldn’t be so cruel or self-centred who was not willing to digest other views of freedom of choice or he wasnot?I leave this question for the readers capacity of understanding.We have tried to put our mind to think about the question with no malice against any other thought on the subject. If someone speaks against your religion, prove to them that they are wrong.Killing people because they don’t agree with you is just going to prove them right, and further, tarnish your image. Emotions are one of the basic instinct of living being,People are attached to their belongings-Religion,Culture,relations and lot of other stuff.Faith is not an issue but where your faith takes you that is the issue.No one allowed getting a licence to kill anyone in the name of religion or nationalism.Unfortunately,In Islamic sharia state like Pakistan,It’s the law in the constitution that people are hacked to death in any illation of death,even if there are less proves.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law definitely needs improvements to make court proceedings more transparent and viable evidence based. The opponent of Aasiya seems like sensitive to criticism,easily threatened and offended,and determined to win at any cost.This is the marker of their insecure self-concept.They are judgmental and evaluate the thoughts of a poor lady,can’t they place others opinion under an umbrella of respect.They don’t live striving to push other below them. Mumtaz Qadri supporters sound like ego based or disingenuous,who wants to manipulate to get what they want,They are agenda-oriented. A solid foundation of any principal is what makes that consistent,It also makes so generous in assessments of the worth of others.They can’t be fickle if they save Aasiya life. If Islamic leaders are truly confident about their Islamic ideologies and justice,they do not need to judgmental attitudes towards minorities or who have different point of view.If their idea has authenticity than there would be fewer emotional threats to their ego,willing to consider contradictory ideas with an open mind and change opinion If the argument makes sense.when someone is the listener,he is a learner,as a genuine person you thirst for the truth.

Mumtaz Qadri was a murdered who took law in his hand,but Aasiya is not,She just defended her right to speech,which every civilised society offered Its citizens.The death of Aasiya will be the sign of further damaging of Islam or Islamic ideologies in an international world. This is the golden time either Islam redefine its definition of peace or either accept that it is not a religion of peace.Muslims get worried or offended soon by others positions and stance of beliefs because they are not confident enough to focus on their own.They have something to hide,to be authentic,clear and unique they have to give clear idea to the world what is Islam,why Islamic faith is more important in Islamic state than humans,but how they can this if ideologies are not open or more innovative,Visions creates skills and develop of thinking in all aspect of life.Mind-development is the pinnacle in our life.Not to be judgmental or self-identity puts them in a state of personal harmony,causing to experience less anxiety which brings peace in society. When someone ideology is authentic,they have the healthy ego for great leadership,rather than the ego of an insecure competitor.To be the greater leader Islamic custodians need to think deep,lead with courage and practice empathy.They have to be secure enough in their self first that they are able to lead while considering the ideas and feelings of others.

It is the best time for Pakistani authorities to give a message to the international world through the respectful release of Aasiya Noreen.We are the nation who have no time to waste emotion on temporary and inhuman laws,We know certain battles must be lost to win the war.Islam can’t flourish with the hang of Aasiya but with the respectful release so she can re-united with her family.Long live Pakistan,Long live Aasiya Noreen Bibi.