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Help break the information blockade against Julian Assange!


Thursday 18 June 2020, by siawi3


Mise ŗ jour sur la pťtition
Help break the information blockade against Julian Assange!

Davey Heller
Melbourne, Australie

16 juin 2020 ó

Whilst the show trial of Julian Assange grinds on through the British court system, the UK State through its instruments at Belmarsh Prison continue to try to break Julian Assange mentally by imposing an information blockade against him.

Even before the lock down of UK prisons due to covid-19, Governor Rob Davis and Belmarsh prison have done everything in their power to deny Assange access to visitors, lawyers and his mail. It has recently been revealed that authorities have even been denying him access to a radio that he ordered for six months.

In a recent significant development, on June 13th, Julian Assange rang Yanis Varoufakis, Diem 25 leader and former finance Minister in the Syrizia Government of Greece. Yanis published an account of his phone call here. Julian told Yanis ďI want a perspective on world developments out there Ė I have none in hereĒ,

What followed was a very interesting conversation between Yanis and Julian where Julian sought to understand what is occurring under conditions of capitalist crisis with the stock market being flooded with money from Central Banks and what political implications this will have in terms of fuelling the growth of the far right.

However it fundamentally highlighted the outrageous of the psychological warfare being waged against Julian in the form of the information blockade. The brilliant mind of Assange is being deliberately starved of the oxygen of information.

The global working class owes Julian Assange an enormous debt for the sacrifices he made as Editor of Wikileaks to shine the light of information onto the actions of our governments and the powerful. It is time for us to return the favour so to speak and do everything we can to get information to him!

It is this spirit that I call out to everyone to flood Belmarsh Prison with news articles and analysis from around the world. Post photocopies or original articles to Julian in Belmarsh!

Of course it should be noted here that we have no way of knowing whether Assange is receiving mail at the moment. In fact after a spate of replies from Julian were sent to supporters who mailed last year, no-one has reported receiving a reply from him since November 2019. However it is worth a try and we can only hope that if Julian receives a mass of letters containing news articles it will be a form of pressure on authorities to lift the information blockade they are placing on around him.

Address your mail to:

Mr Julian Assange
Prisoner #: A9379AY
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE28 0EB

You must also put your name and address on the back of the envelope as the sender. If you wish for him to reply, include a blank piece of paper with a self-addressed envelope. It must be pre-stamped (UK Stamps only). Do not send loose stamps as they will be rejected. Include 2 UK first class stamps for international. Click hereto buy UK stamps.

As the lock down eases around the world, people are once again becoming active on the streets. Please support any protests in your locality. A list of Assangeís scheduled court dates can be found here

Shut down the show trial! Free Assange!