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Women in Black in Belgrade were attacked again

Tuesday 30 November 2021, by siawi3

Source: Women in Black

Women in Black in Belgrade were attacked again


The front door and the building are covered with inscriptions ’Whores in Black,` `Ratko Mladić - Hero,` `Staša Ustasha` and `F*** Antifa.`

This is no longer an incident, but part of the campaign that the authorities in Serbia are conducting against those who criticize their work.

We remind that this is the third attack on the premises and activists of Women in Black in the last few weeks, that at the same time the premises and activists of other organizations, as well as journalists, were attacked, and it all culminated in the attacks on citizens who protested last Saturday, all over Serbia, by police and state sponsored criminals and thugs.

For years, it has been known that the ruling regime has ties to criminal and fascist groups, and that they use them to intimidate and attack political opponents. We are witnessing that the police whose job would be to protect citizens, not only do nothing to prevent attacks, but these attacks take place in the presence of the police and in coordination with the police.

It is obvious that the dictatorship in Serbia is entering a new phase, more brutal, where the violence is fully normalized and more brutal tactics will be used.

We call for solidarity of groups and individuals from Serbia and the region, as well as from all over the world.

Solidarity is our strength!

Women in Black

November 29th 2021