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Blasphemy laws are being misused in Pakistan.

Saturday 9 March 2013, by siawi3

Posted by Dilshad Bhutto on January 5, 2011 at 1:14am
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Karachi: The Pakistan Secular forum has demanded from Government to abolish the Blasphemy laws from constitution of Pakistan. In his press statement the Chairman Pakistan Secular Forum& Anti Torture Movement Pakistan Dilshad Bhutto said that most of the countries have abolished death sentence and Pakistan should do the same especially in cases where murder or death is not involved.

The controversial Blasphemy Law under its present form should be abolished. it is being misused against minorities, like Hindus ,Christian,Jews,Persian and other and also against poor and helpless persons which also are Pakistanis.. He said that their are several thousand Muslims living as minorities in different Christian countries who never face such Laws.
He urge to Pakistani Parliamentarian to made the law, and they interpret the Blasphemy law, .because any way this law is not favor for the victim. This law of death for blasphemy, under the controversial section 295-C of Pakistan’s Penal Code should be change urgently. He said that the true spirit of Islam and has a slanted view of the religion, Compassion and forgiveness is the main teaching of Islam. Islam is religion of absolute peace, but some so-called religious Parties and Extremist Religious Scholars are misusing and misinterpreting.

He said that in 73 Constitution is providing protection to Sectarianism and sectarian Violence, because everyone civil person can kill, attack on any prayer and worship place of an other sect or religion in the name of Jihad .He said in his statement this is not only Blasphemy issue of Christian woman Aasia Bibi ,followers of many sects are fighting against each other like Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar-E-Jhangvi,Shias, Devbandi, Wahabi and others, same way they organized groups and political parties which are doing Jihad not only in Pakistan, but they are active in Afghanistan, India and Kashmir(India) and all over world in the shape of Taliban and Al-Qaida, they are targeting innocent people. They are mostly terrorist organizations.

Dilshad Bhutto said that in 73 Constitution Ahmedis declared as non Muslims it means that any Jihadi group can murder/ attack and target to Ahmedi/Qadiani because constitution allow and give the permission, because they are non Muslims and killer will go in paradise, same way Hindus, Christians, or other non Muslim Pakistani citizen are living double standard life, Constitution is not providing them safety.

He has demanded to the Govt, Intellectual, Lawyers, Human Rights and civil society to abolish discriminatory Law of Blasphemy. He condemned the so-called the agitation and protest of religious parties against attempt of Government to change Blasphemy Laws, He said that religious parties are using the name of Islam for their own personal cause.