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OULED LENINE (The children of Lenine) The story of a militant

Thursday 14 March 2013, by siawi3

A 81’ . Documentary
Directed by Nadia EL FANI

The director Nadia El Fani portrays, through interviews and travelling over the country, her own father, one of the chief of the Tunisian Communist Party!

‘Those were the days, sweet, when I was ten years old, we were so happy, it remains the best moment in my own life…

« That was the time when Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, men and women, together lived and struggled for a better world in a free and tolerant society… »

That was the time when we achieved Independence for the country, when women and men were equal, when….

Yes, this time did exist, it’s History now, it’s also past…!

« What have you done, dad, of your twenties? What have we done of ours as well? »

What has happened to our world that we today live in, why are so many parts of this world in a state of intolerance and violence?’

This film, OULED LENINE is made as a profound investigation upon modern History. Yet, it is full of emotion as it depicts a family ‘saga’ over a few generations, over just the last fifty years or so… on both banks of our common sea: the Mediterranean.

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