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Pakistan: Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights Statement Against Christian Persecution in Lahore and Call for Protest Rally

Friday 15 March 2013, by siawi3

JAC condemns and protests against Christian persecution in Lahore

March 10, 2013 10:59 am

Joint Action Committee - JAC for people’s rights condemns unchecked attacks on Christian homes in Badami Bagh Lahore. We condemn this brutal act with deep sense of grief and anger. It is regrettable that Punjab administration has not learnt any lessons from previous similar incidents such as those in Shantinagar and Gojra and failed in providing security and protection to a minority community under siege. We consider this attack yet another shameful incident against a vulnerable community and further confirms the slide of society towards extremism on the one hand and the apathy and inaction of state institutions and law enforcement agencies on the other hand. We demand strong action against those responsible.

JAC will organise a protest rally:

Tomorrow Monday March 11 at 4 pm
Chairing Cross,
The Mall Lahore.

Victim families will also join the protest. Please spread the words and mobilizer citizens to join hands in condemning this shameful and brutal acts of extremists.

In solidarity

Irfan Mufti