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Gender Rights in Turkey and the Arab World: Spring or Winter?

Sunday 31 March 2013, by siawi3

The latest issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly is on the theme of women’s and LGBT rights across the MENA region in light of the Arab Springs. TPQ’s editors are also offering to mail hard copies of this issue to interested women’s and LGBTQI rights groups. If you would like a copy, please contact Erkut Emcioğlu.

Resource: Turkish Policy Quarterly — Gender Rights And Freedoms In Turkey And The Arab World: Spring Or Winter?

Source: TPQ, 26/02/2013

Gender Rights in Turkey and the Arab World: Spring or Winter?: Spring or Winter?

From the Desk of the Editor Diba Nigâr Göksel

Being a Woman in Turkey and in the Middle East Sedef Küçük

Turkey and Egypt: Where is the Model? Moushira Khattab

Syrian Women’s Two-Pronged Battle Arwa Damon

The Political Participation of Women in Bahrain Bahiya Jawad Aljishi

Gender and Development in Turkey Selma Acuner

Iranian Women as a Warning and a Model Haleh Esfandiari

Beyond the Headscarf Umut Azak

Women and Modernity: Turkey’s Conundrums Fatma Benli

Women as Drivers of Change in the Arab World Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani

Queering Conservative Democracy Mehmet Sinan Birdal

The New Constitution: A Blessing or a Curse for LGBTs? Volkan Yılmaz

Public Morality and Human Rights: The LGBT Case Sedef Çakmak

Turkey and LGBT Rights: A Historical and Global Perspective Louis A. Fishman

Women’s Liberties in Tunisia: The Asthma of the Arab Spring? Pelin Gönül Şahin

Digitization in Jordan’s Post Arab Spring Reform Struggle Rana F. Sweis & Dina Baslan

Women and the Welfare State Regime of Turkey Tuğba Bozçağa

The Polish Case: Do Gender Quotas Work? Małgorzata Druciarek & Aleksandra Niżyńska

NOTE: To receive a hard copy, please contact Erkut Emcioğlu, erkut