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Papua New Guinea: gang rape and subsequent arrest of woman human rights defender assiting the victim.

Petition to Governor, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

Sunday 15 December 2013, by siawi3

December 10, 2013
Source: International Secretariat
Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRD IC)

Today December 10, International Human Rights Day, women still continue to face sexual violence, and to be persecuted for fighting for the rights of others. APWLD and our Pacific sisters urge you to sign on to the petition protesting the gang rape of a woman in Papua New Guinea and the subsequent arrest of a woman human rights defender assisting her.

Kindly add your name, country and organisation to this petition and send to Vandhna Narayan <vandhna.narayan>


The Hon, Sir Michael Somare
Governor, East Sepik Province

December 10, International human Rights Day, and Final day of 16 days of activism to protest violence against women.

We demand your intervention for Truth, Justice and appropriate police responses to alleged pack rape by police in Wewak, East Sepik Province, PNG,

Alleged pack rape by 4 police last Saturday, Dec 6th., around 3am.
It is alleged:
• The East Sepik Provincial Police Station Commander (PSC Kasen?) led a raid in a village out of Wewak town, the provincial capital of the East Sepik Province on the weekend
• He was accompanied by auxiliary police
• they were investigating a serious criminal case
• Some of the police were under the influence of alcohol at the time
• Some of the police were auxiliary police
• Family of the alleged victim were physically assaulted in the course of police investigation/raid
• 18 year old daughter called upon the police to stop, in defence of her law abiding father, and her family who are church leaders in the village.
• Police ordered the girl into a house and followed her
• she was pack raped by 4 police. at least one family member inside the house witnessed the incident and protested and was beaten
• victim managed to reach Wewak and report case to Women’s crisis centre, run jointly by the council of women and the Family and Sexual Violence Committee, with police support
• Policewoman working with the centre advised proper protocols be followed.
• Statement was taken. Medical check up and report sought, rape confirmed
• Sophie Mangae, of ESCOW then accompanied victim and family members to police station to report the case
PSC came out of his office, fired shots into the air, clamming he personally led village raid and denying any rape committed by police
PSC assaults Sophie Mangae, beats and kicks her
PSC orders police to arrest Sophie Mangae and members of her family, no bail, and tells them that they can tell the police what they think human rights are in court today!
• Sophie and family members remain locked up in cell in Wewak.
• Victim and other members of Wewak crisis centre are in hiding as police are looking to find them ( allegedly to arrest and detain them too)
• Contact in PNG: Jo Sapphire Kiris Phone: +679 73656884

We, the undersigned concerned women and men of the Pacific region, are demanding an end to VAW, and appropriate police responses to crimes of violence and sexual violence against women and girls. We ask the Governor of the East Sepik to intervene on the above case to ensure that law is upheld and rights are protected.

Our mailing address is:
Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
189/3 Changklan Road, A. Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50100

Our telephone:
(66) 53 284527