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North Caucasus: Growing Islamic fundamentalism

Saturday 8 March 2014, by siawi3

Source: Sintem, March 8, 2014

Women’s issues in the North Caucasus: between traditions and modernization

Wednesday 12 March 2014 8:30-10am
CCUN Boss Room, 777 UN Plaza, 8th Floor, New York NY 10017

North Caucasus remains the most depressing and problematic regions in Russia. Recent and on-going military conflicts, continuous terrorist activity, systematic violations of human rights and growing Islamic fundamentalism have a considerable influence on everyday life and on the moral conduct of the region’s citizens. Furthermore, the practice of “honor killings” and other violent means of exercising control over women’s behavior and sexuality play a major role in determining the contours of today’s reality in the North Caucasus.

We want to share our experience of working under such difficult conditions. The panel is planned both as analytical and practical presentation with some photo and video materials. It might be interesting for NGOs specialists working in post-conflict regions where the impact of traditions and religions upon women’s and girls’ life is very strong.

Participants and presenters of the event:

· Chechen regional NGO Resource center ‘Sintem’

· Chechen regional NGO Center for Developing Technologies

· Chechen NGO ‘Women for Development’

· Chechen regional NGO Union of Chechen Women

· Center for psychological assistant and post-crisis rehabilitation (Ingush Republic)

· Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights